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Crudo Cocina Latina


Visual branding, Website design, Menu design, merchandise



With four restaurants strategically positioned across London, Crudo embarked on a journey of transformation. Crudo wanted to shift the narrative, moving away from their initial takeaway-focused ceviche bowl concept, evolving into an elaborate dining destination. With an emphasis on shared plates and fresh seafood, the rebrand required a fresh and inviting online and offline presence that could effectively convey their new identity. From a completely new website, designed to drive bookings, to fun merchandise and brand assets, the team now has the tools to sell a story and dining concept that truly resonates with London foodies, looking to taste the city’s very best.

Crudo Cocina Latina's design draws inspiration from the vibrant ambiance of Miami and South American eateries. Incorporating the primary colours of blue, red, and yellow, our visual brand evokes the lively and authentic atmosphere of our dining experiences, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the spirited world of Crudo.

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